With Saint Patrick’s Day a few days away and spring around the corner, the color green is definitely on our minds: plants and flowers will begin to bloom and thrive, four-leaf clovers, McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes (which have officially returned!), and don’t forget to wear it on the 17th to avoid unwanted advances from pinch-happy strangers.

Green: it’s a color that means go, a color that reminds us of wealth and luck, it’s the calming and natural color of the world around us. A quick search on the psychology of the color and you will find quotes like this: “Green has a strong association as a refreshing and peaceful color. It evokes feeling of abundance and a plentiful environment while providing a restful and secure feeling,” courtesy of graf1x.com.

So maybe it’s time to turn over a new leaf this spring and add some green to your home. For some inspiration, we’ve sifted through and found some homes that might make you green with envy.

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Forest Cottage Vibes

Valley, Nebraska

These earthy tones make this dining room and kitchen feel straight out of a forest cottage! The baskets and pumpkin decor really add to a natural look too.

Get the look: If you’re looking to make your house feel a bit cozier, consider accenting your kitchen with a dark subtle green or creating an accent wall in your dining room.

Embrace the Outdoors

Shelbourne, Vermont

This whole house is full of green accents inside and out! Sit out on the deck and be surrounded by the grass and the fresh air. Enjoy the dining room in the midst of the walls that are as green as the trees outside the window. With beautiful wood finishing everywhere, you can lounge around or play a game of pool and feel like you are living in a tree.

Get the look: Paint parts of your porch green or add some green vases to bring more of this color into your life. Consider painting the top half of a room green and fixing the bottom half with wainscot paneling. This can introduce a pop of color in the room without overwhelming the space. Embrace houseplants for sporadic pops of color and relish the view of tree leaves from your window.

Mix Green Patterns

Greensboro, North Carolina

If you are pleased by subtle and quaint greens, check out this house. The dining room is beautifully adorned with green: from the plaid curtains to the decorative plant wallpaper, and the rug which grounds the whole room in color. Though it’s subtle, the mixing of green patterns gives the room a level of complexity. The bedroom is painted in the softest shade, perfect for restoration and relaxation. Consider painting your room a soft shade of green to reap some of those benefits.

Get the look: Don’t be afraid to mix some green patterns in your home. If you’re hesitant, begin mixing easily replaceable features such as curtains, rugs, and throw pillows before committing to wallpaper and reupholstered chairs.

Paint the Walls 

Greensboro, North Carolina (again)

What’s better than an in-home game room and bar? Definitely a great place to host a legit St. Patrick’s Day party. Crack open a cold one with the crew and play some pool.

Get the look: It’s simple; green is associated with luck, right? So it’s kind of the perfect color for a game room.

A Touch of Spring!

Greensboro, North Carolina (and again!)

It’s really no surprise that Greensboro has so many houses with green. Here is the crown jewel (emerald) of this city, at least when it comes to pleasing green design. Firstly, the entrance is surrounded by lovely greenery, really setting the natural tone of this home. The porch chairs are green to complement all of the plant life. The whole kitchen and dining area of this home is a kind of minty fresh green with a bunch of cute floral accents, giving the space a touch of spring. The bedroom benefits from textured green wallpaper and perpetuates those spring vibes with a floral bedspread. Even the bathrooms are green or have a floral theme. This house is surely green enough for St. Patrick’s Day, but it also has the perfect look of spring!

Get the look: Add more foliage to your yard and porch for a natural look. If your porch is neutral or brown, introduce some green patio furniture. A minty color is a cute look for a kitchen, though it is a bit bold. If you like that bold bright look, go for it! If not, give your kitchen a touch of spring by adding a few plant centerpieces or floral wall art.

Classically Green

Aiken, South Carolina

This last home is perfect for animal lovers. It has plenty of fields for pets to run around and as well as horse stables on the property. The patio furniture fits perfectly with the natural colors of the brick and foliage. Bedrooms and living spaces are painted green and have floral accents like the previous home; just another example of spring decor. Plus, the library has a touch of green to enrich reading time!

Get the look: Get some floral bedspreads if you really like spring and flowers. But make sure they look more modern than the ones pictured here unless you are going for a more vintage style then, by all means, rock that look!

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