The 2018 Winter Olympics Games are soon coming to an end, and honestly, it’s got us feeling a little sad. But the Olympic season has got us inspired and thinking, what home is best for a winter sports athlete? Seriously, these athletes spend countless hours training year-round, so we can only imagine how decked out the perfect Olympic training homes would be. And imagine we did!! So if you’re wondering what an ideal winter training house might look like (at least for skiers and snowboarders), look no further! We’ve picked out a few fancy houses that would be the ideal place to rest your head between all of that hard training. And yeah, most of them are pretty expensive, but we can dream, right?? …but if you want more extensive information about the homes and pricing, click the featured photos.

First stop…

Park City, Utah

This city is well known for its slopes. It’s also right next to Utah Olympic Park, which is a training facility for serious winter sports athletes. This location is ideal for aspiring and pro snowboarders and skiers. With plenty of access to the mountains, training facilities, parks, and a lake nearby, this is the place to be!

olympic training homes utah deck

Just about every part of this home is stunning, but what’s more stunning is the view! Check out this shot from the deck overlooking the mountains. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the fresh mountain air and relax after a long day of training. The deck wraps around the house and is covered, so you can still sit out there in light rain and snow and watch snowflakes fall!! There is also a built-in barbecue and a hot tub out here. This space is perfect for get-togethers and parties, so host all of your snowboarding friends or family and hit the mountains together too.

Check it out! This house has a sauna too! So when you’re in need of some rest and relaxation for your mind and your muscles, this sauna is ready for you. And what a great way to warm up after a cold day on the slopes, right?

olympic training homes utah sauna

Other features of this amazing house:

  • Mountain Views Everywhere!
  • Gym – Stay in shape during the off-season
  • Library – Wind down with a good book
  • 2 Bars and a Wine Room – Perfect for hosting when the whole squad is over
  • Game Room – Nothing wrong with friendly competition off the slopes
  • Theater – Watch the Olympics on the big screen!!

Park City, Utah

Still in Park City because it really has a lot to offer to winter sports athletes. This home is nestled right below the Bald Eagle Mountain and is near Deer Valley Resort.

olympic training homes utah kitchen

Every athletic/ Olympic training house needs a nice open kitchen for all that meal prep. A happy athlete is a healthy athlete, and a healthy athlete is one who is usually making and prepping a lot of his or her own food.This kitchen is spacious and open so there is plenty of room for multiple people bustling in and out. It also has a breakfast bar, perfect for grabbing a quick bite before hitting the slopes.

Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, winter sports, in general, are really demanding. Any athlete needs a place to recover. This beautiful tub is a great, relaxing space with lots of natural light and a view of the lovely surrounding nature.

olympic training homes utah tub

Some of the other many features of this house include:

  • Those Views!!
  • A Sauna – Relax those muscles after a tough workout
  • A Mudroom – Store all your gear here
  • A Deck – Enjoy the mountain air
  • Guest House – Invite family and friends over and hit the mountain together!

Breckenridge, Colorado

Near the Rocky Mountains and the Breckenridge Ski Resort, this location has everything in reach to train for skiing and snowboarding, as well as mountain trails to stay active and fit. It’s about an hour and a half drive to Denver and a two and a half hour drive to the Olympic Plaza training facility in Colorado Springs, in case you are looking into being an Olympic figure skater or Boxer.

olympic training homes co living

This house has a wonderful view of the mountains from every window to be constantly reminded of the slopes. Everything about this house is asking to be the perfect winter sports home base for an athlete; just look at what’s on the TV screen! It’s spacious enough to get a bunch of fellow training buddy’s together. Kick back in the living room together and watch/study some televised winter sports.

A mudroom is super necessary for a winter sports training home. It’s the perfect place to gear up or gear down before and after hitting the slopes. There are plenty of hooks, shelves, and cupboards to store gear. So keep all of that dirty gear in here so mud and snow won’t be dragged throughout the house. Plus, the built-in washer and dryer are readily accessible to quickly take care of any smelly socks and such.

olympic training home co mudroom

Other features of this home include:

  • Breakfast Bar – Perfect for grabbing a bite to eat before hitting the slopes
  • Fire Place(s) – To thaw out after a chilly training sesh
  • Fire Pit – It’s always nice to gather around with the whole crew after a hard day of training
  • Hot Tub – And no training home is complete without a hot tub to soothe aching muscles after a hard training session.

Keystone, Colorado

Keeping it in Colorado for this last one; it’s only about 30 minutes from the previous home. Keystone is another one of many ski resort cities in Colorado. It’s also relatively close to Denver taking about an hour and a half drive. It’s about two and a half hours away from Colorado Springs. Nearby is Dillon Reservoir and a golf course, so there are plenty of lake activities, trails, and golfing to do in the off-season.

olympic training homes gym

Ok but just look at this decked out home gym!! An in-home gym is so necessary for any athlete. So during the off-season and between sessions out on the slopes, this is the perfect place to come and work up a sweat. An athlete has got to stay fit all year round even if it is the off-season of their sport

And if we weren’t excited enough about the home gym, LOOK AT THIS HOME SPA!!!!!!! Seriously, this place has spa quality facilities. So after an intense training session on the slopes or in the gym hit the spa! Honestly, what a relaxing experience, especially after so much training.

olympic training homes spa

Other features include:

  • Incredible Mountain Views
  • A Spacious Dining Area – Perfect for a large round table to gather friends around like the knights in King Arthur’s court
  • Game Room – A great space to unwind and have fun when not training


We hope you enjoyed imagining what a perfect Olympic training home might look like for serious winter sports athletes!

If this article leaves you wanting more, browse for other ski resort type homes here. I recommend Mammoth Lakes or Olympic Valley in California as a fun place to start.

Let us know which of these house you would give a gold medal to?

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