We are now well into December, a time of celebration between Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and any holiday you and your family celebrate and enjoy this month. As Christmas is soon approaching, the office parties, family get-togethers, and white elephant exchanges are increasing almost exponentially. With all the commotion, maybe you are running out of holiday ideas. Look to these decorative ideas for inspiration so that you can discover the perfect Christmas decor, minimalist accent pieces, or touch of winter that you are looking to fill your house (or office) with this holiday season. But, as always, don’t let yourself be limited to what is listed and let your imagination run wild with holiday spirit! So whether you are just starting to decorate or adding the finishing touches, we hope this article will spark your holiday imagination as you transform your home into the perfect winter wonderland.

1Festive Floating Candles

holiday season decor candle holiday season decor candles

Supplies: small decorative vase, holly berries, floating candles, good ‘ole tap water

Do you envision your holiday party to be of style and class? These floating candles will be the perfect addition to your sophisticated get-together. Get some small, floating candles and fill up a small decorative vase with holly berries and water. Then, simply set your candle atop this artsy and chic piece and the look is complete.

2. Rustic Candle Centerpiece

holiday season decor candle set

Supplies: small decorative vase, holly berries, floating candles, good ‘ole tap water

Do you envision your holiday party to be of style and class? These floating candles will be the perfect addition to your sophisticated get-together. Get some small, floating candles and fill up a small decorative vase with holly berries and water. Then, simply set your candle atop this artsy and chic piece and the look is complete.

3. Holiday Lantern

holiday season decor lantern holiday season decor lanterns

Supplies: small iron lantern, fake holly berries, candle (or battery powered candle)

Decorative lanterns seem to be an upcoming holiday trend on a lot of internet blogs. They come in many unique styles and shapes, they are geometrically satisfying, and they can even provide cozy candlelight. So get your hands on one (or two, or five)! Strategically decorate the inside of the lantern and accent the outside with holly berries for a quaint feeling. Or forego the candle completely and fill your lantern with any aesthetically pleasing, holiday paraphernalia. Decorative ornaments and pinecones are always a good place to start.

4. Light up a Centerpiece

holiday season decor vase

Supplies: glass vase, ornaments, battery powered fairy lights

Speaking of decorative ornaments, use some as centerpieces or accent pieces around your house to give some extra festive light. Any size decorative vase will work. Fill the vase with simple and complementary ornaments then place a battery powered string of lights in the vase with the ornaments. Try out lights like these stars or just use a simple string of fairy lights to brighten up your room with holiday cheer.

5. Christmas Bowl

holiday season decor bowl

Supplies: round glass bowl, ornaments, wooden stars, pinecones, gold and silver spray paint, cinnamon sticks

Here’s an idea for a table or counter in your house. Fill a large glass bowl or bubble vase with small Christmas decorations. Start with ornaments, like small and wooden decorative stars. If you are getting tired of pinecones, spray paint a few in gold and silver to give them a shimmer. Add whatever else seems necessary. Thread in fairy lights for a twinkle and place some cinnamon sticks in the middle for a fragrant aroma.

6. Perhaps an Elf on the Shelf

holiday season decor shelf

Supplies: decorative shelf that you may or may not already have, wooden and fabric ornaments, small pinecones, maybe a small elf?

Don’t neglect your-year round décor. Take the opportunity to bring holiday cheer to your everyday fixtures. Do you have a small decorative shelf in your home? Maybe you have some small items on display there. Intermingle those everyday accents with some festive decorations to give your hallway or foyer a bit of holiday cheer. Fabric and wooden Christmas ornaments are a great option for this space. Maybe even throw in a small pinecone. And don’t forget to shelf your elf!

7. Winter Ornament Arrangement 

holiday season decor pitcher

Supplies: pitcher (or vase), some branches, ornaments

Here is a wintry look for your counter or side table; arrange some branches in a pitcher. Use a white or clear pitcher to create a wintry or minimalistic look, otherwise pick a more festive, colorfully patterned pitcher. Place a few complementary ornaments on the branches to complete your makeshift tree. If you want a fuller look, add some pine branches or maybe some wintry flowers to accompany the branches.

8. Small Minimalist Tree (Branch)

holiday season decor branch

Supplies: glass bottle, small spruce/pine branch, brown kraft paper, twine, small pinecones

Maybe you like a really clean and minimalistic look for the holidays. Arrange a pine branch in a clear, decorative bottle. It sounds so simple it’s almost silly, but it sure looks modern and chic. That’s what people are into now, right? Spruce up (pun intended) the vase a bit by wrapping around some brown paper and twine. Add some similarly decorated candles alongside the arrangement to complete this look. Don’t be afraid to strategically place a pinecone or two to really drive home that piney vibe.

9. Christmas Flower Tree

holiday season decor flower

Supplies: FLOWERS

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your Christmas tree this year, try arranging flowers in its branches. This will give your tree a fuller and more colorful look. Go with any color scheme and arrangement you prefer to accomplish your desired look. To bring the feeling of spring, try roses to compliment a pink, pastel Christmas. For a cool wintery feel, choose white and purple flowers. Play around with what you have and see what best compliments your home.

10. Felt Ornaments

holiday season decor craft

Supplies: felt, small beads, scissors, needle and thread, cord, fiberfill or cotton balls

Do you like crafts? Do you have a knack for sewing? Even if you don’t know anything about sewing, this is a simple project to try if you are interested in learning. All you really have to learn is how to do a blanket stitch. Cut felt of any color into any shape that you desire. If you want to make a star, be sure to cut out two star pieces of felt. Sew beads on one side of the felt. Begin to blanket stitch the two felt pieces together. Once most of the felt is sewed together, stuff with fiberfill or cotton balls and finish the sewing. Tie some cord or twine at the top in order to hang the ornaments, and you are good to go. These can also be used to accompany name tags and decorate gifts.

11. Natural Gift Wrapping

holiday season decor gifts

Supplies: brown kraft wrapping paper, tape, colorful twine/string, bows, ribbon, gift tags, pinecones of course, fake plant and berry sprigs. Honestly anything that you think will make a gift fun and pretty. Also the gift you are wrapping.

Wrapping gifts can feel like such a waste when a child will inevitably tear through that fragile, glossy paper in approximately 2.3 seconds. But for the adults in your life who appreciate a neatly wrapped and aesthetically pleasing gift, this is for them. Wrap gifts in simple brown Kraft wrapping paper, then add decorative twine around the gift and create a bow. Now accent the gift with small pine branches, pine cones, holly berries, ribbons, and bows. If you are a holiday fiend and have finished your Christmas shopping early, these wrapped gifts function as a great decorative piece under your tree.

12. Ginger Bread Houses

holiday season decor gingerbread

Supplies: gingerbread house kit found at a store near you, any other fun candy to decorate with

This one is a classic activity for the kiddos. It’s pretty easy to find a gingerbread house kit at your local grocery store. Pick one up, or pick several, and get the whole family involved in making these cute houses. Get various types of candy so you and your kid(s) can personalize these little gingerbread homes. When you’re all finished, consider setting them up in the kitchen or the dining room to show off your creation. Maybe even bake a little gingerbread family to go along with the house if you are so inclined.

13. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

holiday season decor drink

Supplies: hot chocolate mix or recipe, milk or water, peppermint extract or crushed peppermint, whipped cream, candy cane, marshmallows

Hot drinks are a staple for the holiday season. Try making some peppermint hot chocolate. You can use a fancy homemade recipe or a simple packet of hot chocolate mix. Then, all you have to do is add some peppermint! Use peppermint extract or if you can’t get your hands on that, simply crush candy canes and melt them into your drink. Don’t forget to garnish your delicious hot cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows and crushed peppermint. Make several cups to share with your family and friends at every opportunity this holiday season.

This season, we hope you can create the perfect space to share the festivities with those you love. So with all these new ideas, get out there and decorate your home to match your holiday mood!

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