33 Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer


Summertime is upon us, which means we’ll be spending more time outdoors and (possibly) with the kiddies. To help you and your family enjoy the season a little more this year, we’ve searched the web and put together a list of 33 ways to get your backyard ready for summer. These tips include everything from outdoor games, lighting, and water works to DIY projects. Take a look!


backyard ready for summer

Backyard Games

Set up pool noodles for a game of kickball croquet.Here are some awesome backyard game ideas found on BuzzFeed and Architecture Art Design:

  • Set up pool noodles for a game of kickball croquet.
  • Spray-paint a section of your lawn in different colored circles to create a Twister game board.
  • Use glow necklaces and bracelets for a game of night-time-ready ring toss.
  • Hang a tarp between two trees, cut circles out, and label the circles with the number of points throwers receive for making it through.
  • Break glow sticks into two-liter bottles filled with water and use them as pins for day or nighttime lawn bowling.
  • Make a giant Scrabble set using tiles as the game board and wood squares for the letters.



backyard ready for summer

Want to jazz up your backyard with some outdoor lighting? Here are some ideas using solar lights, glow-in-the-dark paint and more:

  • Use rope lighting to line your garden or outdoor seating area.
  • Replace the light bulbs in an old chandelier with solar lights and hang it from a tree branch or patio overhang. You’ll have unique outdoor lighting without having to provide electricity. Check out the tutorial here.
  • Paint planters and the like with glow-in-the-dark paint for an awesome touch of night lighting.
  • Have a fire pit? Use rainbow fire crystals to give your flames a funky glow.


Water Works

backyard ready for summer

Check out these great alternatives to pool play, great for keeping cool in the summer:

  • Install a splash pad, which starts at around $2,000-$3,000, or make your own using a clean tarp and hopscotch sprinkler.
  • Cool off on an outdoor water bed. Create your own using a plastic drop cloth, duct tape, and a hose. Learn how to make it here.
  • Create an awesome sprinkler to play in using pieces of PVC pipe, elbow joints, and a hose.
  • Buy a waterproof frame, fill it with flat stones, and use it as a place to rinse off dirty feet before re-entering the house.
  • Make an outdoor shower by connecting a hose to a showerhead and wrapping it around a tree branch.


DIY Projects

backyard ready for summer

Looking for more ideas to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis? Check out these DIY projects that will help liven up the space even more:

  • Set up an outdoor movie theater. Giver’s Log suggests you have a good screen, an outdoor spot for it, and a good place for the projector.
  • Drill holes into your fence and place multi-colored marbles in them. This looks awesome in the sunlight.
  • Use empty wine bottles as mosquito-combating tiki torches by filling them with citronella oil. Get the directions from WhenThePigsFly.
  • Turn an old lawn chair into a swing.
  • Hang glass bottles and vases filled with flowers from the fence.
  • Hang mirrors or decorative frames on your fence or other surfaces outdoors to make your yard look bigger and more chic.
  • Create a porch bed or wooden pallet sectional to provide extra seating or a place to relax.
  • If you’re the carpenter-type, add a beer cooler to your patio table following this tutorial.
  • Spruce up metal folding chairs by spray painting them different colors.
  • Build a simple tree house using scrap wood and branches (find out how here) or use an old bunk bed.
  • Make a wind chime using old keys, beads, or seashells, string or fishing line, and paint.
  • Build a teepee using a simple A-frame or by stringing a rope between two trees and hanging sheets off of it.
  • Make an outdoor chalkboard by using chalkboard paint on a piece of plywood.
  • Grow sunflowers in a circle, leaving a small part of the circle broken (used to enter/exit) to create a sunflower reading nook.
  • Make stepping stones out of cement, cereal boxes, and glass stones.
  • Pitch a tent, fill it with pillows and blankets, and use it as a reading spot or to go camping in your own backyard.
  • Build a personal fire pit using a metal planter, glass picture frames and rocks.
  • Need to get out of the sun? Use an Ikea curtain system, attaching one side to the house above a seating area and the other to a tree or pole, and slide the curtains across for shade!


Have any other great backyard ideas for the summer? Please leave them in the comments below!


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